2011 Riksteatern Congress

Shape Riksteatern’s future!
Riksteatern’s members, associations and organisations shape Riksteatern’s Organisation’s work moving forwards: every four years, delegates and other participants convene at Riksteatern’s Congress. The Congress will be held in Stockholm 20 – 22 May 2011.

The road to the Congress
Members and associations from all over Sweden jointly formulated the questions to be addressed. In 2009, the various counties and regions held a series of “Future Forums” to formulate questions about the future of Riksteatern. In 2010, the members and associations continued working with the results in a “Proposition Round-up”. This collaboration comprises the foundation of the proposals Riksteatern’s national board of directors now presents — the proposition. You and your association have until 19 January to submit your proposals – motions – to the Congress.

Ask, consider and discuss
Already now, you can ask, consider and share your views in the online discussion forum. At www.riksteatern.se/kongress, you can learn more about the proposals currently on the table; you can also write motions. Contribute your ideas to the discussion in the run-up to the Congress in May 2011. You will also find facts about the Congress and other practical information.

About Riksteatern
Riksteatern is an independent, non-profit organisation. The Congress, which convenes every four years, is Riksteatern’s highest governing body. This is where delegates and observers from Riksteatern associations, affiliated organisations and the regional Riksteatern come together. Its duties include determining the focus of Riksteatern’s activities and electing the Riksteatern’s board of directors. The proposals for the decisions that the Congress will take will be assembled into a proposition from the Riksteatern board of directors, along with the motions from associations and members.